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Teeth Whitening
  Many different things can stain your teeth but only your dentist can get them their whitest!

We have two different whitening options:

  • The first is in-office with Zoom! Our Zoom package includes: a 2-hour light activated whitening treatment and take home bleaching trays to keep your pearly whites looking bright whenever you want a touch up.
    Click here to learn more about Zoom!
  • The second option is custom made bleaching trays. We take models of your teeth so our lab can make custom whitening trays to fit your mouth. At your second appointment you will receive the trays and whitening gel to take home and bleach your teeth with at your leisure.

Before Whitening After Whitening

Teeth bleaching is safe, and results can be seen almost immediately. Call today for prices or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mora to find out what whitening option is best for you!