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Goddesses of Gums


Children's Dental Health Month is just around the corner, and we thought what better way to celebrate then to quiz our patients on their dental knowledge. So get your #2 pencils sharpened and let's see how well you know your teeth!!!
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1. How often should you be flossing?
a) once a day
b) what's floss
c) twice a year when Judee and Lisa floss my teeth
d) twice a day

2. How long should you brush for?
a) 30 seconds
b) 1 minute
c) 2-3 minutes
d) until my gums bleed

3. True or False
Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body

4. How many teeth are present in an adult?
a) 28
b) 30
c) 20
d) 32

5. What is the key ingredient in toothpaste that helps prevent tooth decay?
a) fluoride
b) mint flavoring
c) sodium lauryl sulfate
d) none of the above

6. What is the most important factor in keeping a healthy smile?
a) healthy diet
b) seeing your hygienist at least twice a year for a cleaning
c) good home care
d) all of the above

As always it is important to see your dental professional on a regular basis; at least twice a year. We feel that proper dental knowledge is the key to keeping a healthy mouth and body. Patients of all ages should know the importance of their teeth and why it is necessary to take proper care of them.

Happy Children's Dental Health Month!!!!
Judee & Lisa

Answer Key: 1-a, 2-c, 3-true, 4-a, 5-d, 6-d



Fun Activity Sheets for Kids
American Dental Association

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With the New Year approaching, most people have a list of resolutions that they would like to accomplish for the upcoming year. Good overall health usually tops the list. We believe that great health should be a priority, and
great health means a healthy mouth. What a better way to start the year than making sure you have your cleaning and exam appointment scheduled.

During your appointment we evaluate the health of your gums and bone that supports your teeth. Also we will recommend any necessary treatment that you may need. Some people think of the mouth as being disconnected from the rest of the body, but some diseases can have oral manifestations that occur in the oral cavity. Research has shown a link between gum disease and heart disease. Also people that are diabetic can be more prone to developing gum disease.

So while you're making your lists of resolutions this year, we ask you to think about your mouth as being part of your overall health. Make sure that you have your cleaning appointments made and stay on the recommended recall. If you have already scheduled your appointment you may want to think about rewarding yourself with teeth whitening or other cosmetic procedures that we offer. After all, it's the New Year so why not have
healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

From the chair of our hygienists Judee and Lisa . . .

Judee and Lisa

Trick or Treat

Happy fall to all! With the changing season, thoughts move from the start of a new school year to Halloween. Children plan their costumes and dream of all the candy they will collect… Dentists and parents alike will worry about the tooth decay that may follow. So as not to put a damper on all the fun Halloween brings, we have a bit of advice for parents. When the children bring home all their goodies, the parents should have a say in how much and when these treats can be consumed. Every time sugar is put into the mouth, it combines with bacteria (plaque) and forms an acid. This acid is what eats away at tooth enamel and forms cavities. The amount of sugar doesn't seem to matter as much as the frequency of consumption. So mom and dad should decide what their child can have each day from their goody basket and let them enjoy it once a day - then of course brush their teeth to remove the sugar as soon as possible. Constant nibbling on Halloween candy throughout the day leads to a string of "acid attacks" and increases the chances of decay formation. Thus limited the exposure of sugar to once a day is a good idea…….

Happy Halloween!
Judee & Lisa


Now is the time to start scheduling your back-to-school check-ups! In the state of Illinois, it is required for all private, public and parochial school students to submit a proof of examination form for kindergarten, second, and sixth grades. The dental examination form can be obtained at our office and completed during the dental visit. The ADA however, recommends a complete dental cleaning and exam every 6 months for all children and adults. With college students, teachers and school children all returning to school in the fall, the month of August gets very busy so schedule early to get your most convenient appointment time. We look forward to seeing you!

The Doctors and Staff of Hawthorn Dental Associates

"Even though my wife and I live in Doha, Qatar, we still rely on Hawthorn Dental Associates for our dental care needs and make it a priority during our U.S. visits; they are world class in every way!"
- Scott & Ursula Wallington

February is Children's Dental Health Month. Our hygienists, Judee and Lisa, visit area schools, pre-schools, and daycare centers to educate children about the importance of taking good care of their teeth. Their interactive presentation includes experiments demonstrating how cavities are formed. They then dress up the children in molar costumes to let them practice what they learned with giant toothbrush and floss! It is important to introduce good oral hygiene at a young age. We begin seeing children for routine visits at age three.

Click here to download the coloring sheet and rules

Future Patient
Future Patient