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  Nohemi Cervantes


Hello my name is Nohemi (A.K.A. Mimi). I have been a dental assistant since 2010. The things I love about being a dental assistant are being able to learn new skills on the job and making people feel good when they smile! One of my goals is to go back to school and become a hygienist. Some of my favorite things to do are dance, play volleyball, and sing in the shower! I love spending time with my two kids. I cherish every moment with them because not only do they learn from me but I also learn from them.

Fun Facts About Nohemi

What is your favorite restaurant in Lake County?

IHOP! I love blueberry pancakes! I can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Where do you hope to travel to one day and why?

I hope to travel to Puerto Rico one day to visit my dad and younger sisters that I haven't seen in years.

What did you want to be when you grew up and why?

I wanted to be part of the DEA because I thought it would be a cool, fun, and a dangerous job!