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Dental Assistant


My name is Gaby.  I have been with HDA since 2011 as a dental assistant.  With the encouragement of everyone in the office I have had the opportunity to return to college to further my dental career. I am currently attending the College Of Lake County Dental Hygiene Program and will graduate May of 2019.

When I am not busy with work or school I am usually spending my time with my two boys, Julian and Adrian. We like to spend most of our summer at the Water Park or beach.


Fun Facts about Gaby

What is your favorite inexpensive family activity?

Going to Six Flags!

Where do you want to travel one day and why?

I have always wanted to travel to Tokyo, Japan mostly because I like the culture and would like to experience something different.

What is the best part of your job working at HDA?

I feel blessed to work with people who I consider like a second family

Tell us about your Pet!

Berry is a 3 year old male black cat. I have had him since he was about 2 months. My aunt gave him to me when her cat had kittens. I have always had cats growing up and probably will always have them. Berry is very chill and relaxed. He like to cuddle with me only and runs from my kids. Lol. Zoey is 2 year old female cat. She came from the same family as berry did and they get along very well. Zoey is like my little black shadow. Everywhere I go she is right by me. Zoey has a lot more energy than Berry does but she is also my trouble maker. When bread goes missing I know she has taken it under the bed somewhere.

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